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Anna Politkovskaya was an outstanding woman, devoted writer, and Human Rights activist. On October 7th 2006, a group of cowards assassinated her because they were afraid to face the truth. She was murdered because she exposed the crimes of the Russian government. Throughout the years Politkovskaya had been tracked down, followed, and investigated but that did not discourage her. Even after several failed assassination attempts, she kept going because she knew that she possessed a gift that was no match for the Russian government. She had the gift of writing, and wrote about the facts. Anna revealed the secrets that government tried kept hidden, and exposed their evil deeds. Even though her life was at stake she never gave up, she knew that it was her duty to keep the world informed. The world will never forget her. We salute Anna Politkovskaya.

Eagle / www.JusticeForNorthCaucasus.Com Updated October 9th 2006

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Anna Politkovskaya Had Only One Enemy...

posted by Justice For North Caucasus - Anna Politkovskaya. on October, 2006 as Anna Politkovskaya

Anna Politkovskaya Had Only One Enemy...


A great lady, outstanding journalist, and Human Rights activist was on an appointment with her destiny, when the cowards sent an evil agent, that was designated by his bosses and superiors to assassin the empty-handed lady that got no weapons to defend herself!


They wanted her to go out of existence and out of their evil ways and means, assuming that they would get away with their latest crime that was not the first, and it would not be the last.


This horrible crime reminds of many aspects in the "Federation of Fear", that dominated the life and fate of all the oppressed citizens of different nationalities and origins, through the predetermined courses of events that are held to be an irresistible powers or agencies, that all occupied peoples and nations are aware of the truth and actuality of them, by the fully and widely known KGB/FSB administrations, agencies, spies, agents and criminal killers.


The sudden savage event of killing the courageous lady, caused all people world-wide to remember the ugly and aggressive imperial war that was waged by the so-called "Federal Republic Of Russia", against the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, which caused genocide, death, and destruction, that made the war and violence to extend and prolong to other parts of the "North Caucasus Region", and across the "Federal Republic Of Fear", that got all people living there frightened and worried for their life and destiny.


The murdered journalist and human Rights activist had an effect on the public opinion and  persuasion about those who resided at the Kremlin and their agents in regions, and republics. 


All the people knew the guy who was acquainted to be the Kremlin's (now turning 30 years old) main agent provocateur that was sharply criticised by the Late Anna politkovskaya, for his rule and questionable ambitions, regardless of what are the consequences. She criticised that puppet for his evil duty to exert mastery, control, influence, and preeminence as an opportunist.


The shameful marionette, who was given the medal which is called "The Hero Of Russia", that showed his mussels, experience and brutal capabilities in oppressing what was supposed to be his own nation. On the 5th of October, 2006, the very same proxy was given a "black Ferrari", with the worth of $ 450,000 as a present for his 30th birthday, and from who?
The answer was from friends!


The "Only One Enemy" that is the opponent for her and for all Human Beings is considered Tyranny with all what that word indicates and means. She was never on good terms with those who waged wars, and carried out the kidnapping, torture, genocide and the unjustified war against the brave Chechen Nation.


She was never hesitant to stand by and defend all of those who sought dignity, freedom, liberty,  righteousness, fairness, justice, equality, and self-determination. Her trend was considering that "justice is the ligament which holds civilized beings and civilized nations together".


She was subjected to many aggressive attempts on her life which she had talked about and described to the public while mentioning those criminals in their real names, and for any one who is interested to know the real criminals, who committed the horrible crime, we have to point our fingers at those who tried before, and they benefited now from killing the great lady!

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