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Anna Politkovskaya was an outstanding woman, devoted writer, and Human Rights activist. On October 7th 2006, a group of cowards assassinated her because they were afraid to face the truth. She was murdered because she exposed the crimes of the Russian government. Throughout the years Politkovskaya had been tracked down, followed, and investigated but that did not discourage her. Even after several failed assassination attempts, she kept going because she knew that she possessed a gift that was no match for the Russian government. She had the gift of writing, and wrote about the facts. Anna revealed the secrets that government tried kept hidden, and exposed their evil deeds. Even though her life was at stake she never gave up, she knew that it was her duty to keep the world informed. The world will never forget her. We salute Anna Politkovskaya.

Eagle / www.JusticeForNorthCaucasus.Com Updated October 9th 2006

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Pro-Democracy international award announced

posted by Justice For North Caucasus - Anna Politkovskaya. on October, 2005 as Anna Politkovskaya

Pro-Democracy international award announced
Anna Politkovskaya, the Russian journalist whose dispatches from the war in Chechnya have led to death threats and poisoning, and Min Ko Naing, a Burmese pro-democracy advocate who endured fifteen years of imprisonment and torture, will receive the Civil Courage Prize on Oct. 11.
The Civil Courage Prize of $50,000 honors steadfast resistance to injustice at great personal risk. It has been awarded annually since 2000 by the Northcote Parkinson Fund. In 2004, the Civil Courage Prize was awarded to Dr. Lovemore Madhuku for his work in pursuing constitutional reforms in the Zimbabwe.
Anna Politkovskaya, special correspondent for the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and author of three books, reports on the plight of Chechnya's civilian population, which has been under military assault since 1994. She has put herself in danger by openly challenging the authorities. In February of 2000, the FSB (the former KGB) arrested Politkovskaya in Chechnya and imprisoned her in a pit without food or water for three days. In 2001 a Russian officer, whose war crimes Politkovskaya had exposed, threatened to kill her, and she was forced into hiding. As she flew to Beslan in 2004 to report on the school hostage crisis, she lost consciousness and believes that she was poisoned.
Min Ko Naing, a leader of the 1988 peaceful popular uprising against Burma's dictatorship, is a central figure in the Burmese democracy movement. While a student at Rangoon University, Min Ko Naing secretly organized a nationwide student union, the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU), to oppose army rule. In 1988 ABFSU coordinated a nationwide non-violent uprising. Millions marched throughout Burma demanding an end to decades-long military oppression. The regime responded with force, gunning down thousands. Min Ko Naing evaded the Burmese Military Intelligence for several months before his arrest in 1989. He was released from prison in 2004 after a fifteen-year imprisonment, during which he underwent torture and solitary confinement.
Min Ko Naing has asked that his portion of the Prize money be donated to a worthy not-for-profit organization. He is under government surveillance and unable to leave Burma. Politkovskaya will receive her award in person.

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