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Adygeanatpress: Historical hysteria In Kuban Goes On (Black Sea Shapsugia)

posted by eagle on November, 2005 as SHAPSUGIA

From: Eagle_wng  (Original Message) Sent: 11/29/2005 12:02 PM

Historical hysteria in Kuban goes on (Black sea Shapsugia)



As IА REGNUM informed, recently they developed breadboard model of the monument devoted to "founders" of Novorossisk city Nikolay Raevsky, Lazar Serebryakov and Michael Lazarev. Its author Alexander Suvorov presented his work of art to the major of Novorossisk city and the expert group arrived from the regional center and headed by the main architect of ...

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AdygeaNatPress: Author Of "The History Of Circassia" Named Georgian-Adygeyan...

posted by FerrasB on as NORTH CAUCASUS

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 11/30/2005 1:12 AM
Author of "The History of Circassia" named  Georgian-Adygeyan scientific contacts perspective

The young Adygeyan scientist, author of the monography about Circassian Mumluks, the two-volume book "The History of Circassia" and other fundamental works Samir Hotko named the offer of the Georgian Fund of strategic and international researches concerned carrying out Georgian-Adygeyan scientific conference as rather flatter and perspective. He was interviewed on behalf of the board of ...
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AdygeaNatPress: In Adygeya They Do Not Yet Know That "Wahhabism"-From Kozak’...

posted by FerrasB on as ADYGEA

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 11/30/2005 12:44 AM
 In Adygeya they do not yet know that "Wahhabism"  - from Kozak’s sanction - is not abusive word  29.11.2005
The Executive committee of the Centralized religious organization of the Spiritual management of Moslems of Adygeya Republic and Krasnodar Territory has published today, on November, 29th, in the republican newspaper "Soviet Adygeya" its statement, IА REGNUM correspondent informed. The statement, as it was also spoken in it, is directed ...
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Adygeanatpress: A Call For Maykop Mayor’s Resignation

posted by FerrasB on as ADYGEA

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 12/1/2005 12:14 AM
Deputy of State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya calls  for Maykop mayor’s resignation
Independent newspapers of Adygeya published series of materials about the public prosecutor's legality checks in Maykop. The angriest article among them appeared to be published in the newspaper of free-of-charge announcements "TV-program - Menu" which by virtue of its specificity is one of the most mass in the town. In the article "Godfather" with the subtitle ...
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Parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria suggested toughening Russian antiterrorist legislation

posted by zaina19 on as KABARDINO-BALKAR

From: eagle_wng

Parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria suggested toughening  Russian antiterrorist legislation

Deputies of Kabardino-Balkarian parliament had suggested some amendments to Russian legislation adjusting toughening of responsibility for cultivation of religious hostilities and organization of extremist communities, they informed IА REGNUM correspondent in the press-service of KBR parliament. The vice-president of the committee under legislation, legality and questions of local self-management of the parliament of Kabardino-Balkaria Ruslan Abazov offered such legislative initiative.

The deputies considered that religious-educational activities without ...
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New Dendro-Park Will Be Created In Kabardino-Balkaria

posted by zaina19 on as KABARDINO-BALKAR

From: eagle_wng
New Dendro-Park Will Be Created In Kabardino-Balkaria

A dendro-park project of new type "The Earth of Narts" had been considered in the Ministry of resorts and tourism of KBR. They planned to create it in a residential suburb of Nalchik in the area of Urvan village. An ethnographic settlement, village of masters of arts, a children's game complex, cafe and restaurant are planned to be included in the project, as they informed IА REGNUM correspondent ...
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Adygeanatpress: Moscow Adyga Hasa Teaching "How To Dance"

posted by FerrasB on as NORTH CAUCASUS

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 11/29/2005 2:31 AM
Moscow Adyga Hasa teaching how to dance
Moscow Adyga Hasa is happy to announce beginning of dance practice for youth dancing group "Adygi". Practice will be coached by Mikhail Batyrov.
In the letter to WCB one of the lead dancers Alena Dokshukina stated : "Adygi" – is not just a dance group, it’s a family, which is trying to keep unique Circassian culture, teaching kids the basics of dancing ...
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Adygeanatpress: 50 Participants Of Pickets Against Caucasian Natives Detained

posted by FerrasB on as NORTH CAUCASUS

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 11/29/2005 2:35 AM
In Moscow about 50 participants of pickets against natives  from Caucasus detained

Yesterday on November, 27th more than half from among the 20 planned propaganda pickets of the Movement against illegal immigration (MAII) and political party "Native land" at the market places of Moscow under slogans: "Russians, arm!" And "Moscow belongs to us!" passed, the MAII leader Alexander Belov informed "Caucasian unit" correspondent. The leaflets spread by ...
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Adygeanatpress: Adygeya Republic Participation Commission In Moscow

posted by FerrasB on as ADYGEA

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 11/18/2005 2:40 AM
Adygeya president reported to republic management  about participation in work of governmental commission in Moscow

In the Government of Adygeya on November, 16th the session devoted to the explanation of last initiatives of the president of Russia passed. In the report of the head of the republic Khazret Sovmen four basic questions were sounded: about the national projects offered by Vladimir Putin; the municipal reform; the antiterrorist ...
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