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APRIL 2009

Window On Eurasia: Nations Deported By Stalin Organize To Demand Their Rights

posted by eagle on April, 2009 as Genocide Crime

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2009

Window on Eurasia: Nations Deported by Stalin Organize to Demand Their Rights

Paul Goble

Vienna, April 24 – Six of the more than a dozen nations Stalin deported during World War II – the Kalmyks, the Chechens, the Ingush, the Balkars, the Karachays, and the Volga Germans -- have formed a Union of Repressed Peoples to demand an apology from Moscow and the return of the lands the powers that be at that time seized and have not yet returned.
This week in advance of the 18th anniversary of the Soviet-era law on the restoration of the rights of repressed peoples on April 26, representatives of six of them met in the Kalmyk capital of Elista to declare that the law has not worked and to form a group that will press for its realization up to and including with appeals to international courts.
The meeting initially attracted little attention inside ...

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posted by eagle on as Genocide Crime

21.02.2009 19:14 
The Reports and the Testimonies About Russian - Circassian War and the Circassian Genocide

Grand Duke Michael
: “We wouldn’t leave our duties thinking that Mountaineers are not surrendering. To wipe out the half, the other half needed to be destroyed.”

Caucasia Armies General Staff Head Milyutin: “We should send the Mountaineers by force to the places we want. If we need, we should deport/exile them to Don region. Our main goal is to settle Russians in the regions on the skirts of Caucasian Mountains. But we shouldn’t let the Mountaineers know about this.”

In the letter Earl Yevdokimov sent to the Ministry of War in October 1863 he said: “Now we have to clean the coastal strip as part of our plan for the conquest of West Caucasia” (from the State History Archives).

Russian Historian Sulujiyen: “We wouldn’t abandon our ...

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21 MAY PROGRAM : Berlin

posted by eagle on as Genocide Crime

21 MAY PROGRAM : Berlin


FEDERATION of EUROPEAN CIRCASSIANS : Commemoration ceremony of the genocide and the exile of the North Caucasian Peoples on May 21, 1864

Dear Friends,

On May 21, the genocide of the North Caucasian peoples and their banishment from the Caucasus will be remembered for the 145th time. To commemorate this tragic event, each year, the Federation of European Circassians invites all of our fellow citizens to a memorial ceremony. Host this year is the Nordkaukasischer Kultur Verein Berlin eV.

Speakers from Germany and Turkey will throw a deep understanding on the context and the terrible consequences of this genocide, which is with more than 1.5 million deaths believed to be one of the worst genocide in human history.

The memorial ceremony under the motto "We will not forget ...!" extends over three days and takes place from May 22 till May 24 in Berlin. The active event will offer the participants next ...

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