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Open Letter to the Assembly of the Republic of Adygea

posted by eagle on November, 2010 as Genocide Crime

Open Letter to the Assembly of the Republic of Adygea
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2010 00:39

Addressing members of the Assembly of the Republic of Adygea Circassian,

Assembly of the Republic of Adygea in 2014 by the Sochi Winter Olympics scheduled to be included in an element of the Russian Olympic Committee Kutlamaları'na Circassian (ROK), a reference to have learned a great disappointment and embarrassment.  

Kutlamaları'nda Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics have made as a result of the call will be represented as a cultural representation of dozens of ethnic groups in the direction of the Circassians were supposedly a decision. In the light of this development, we want to ask: you made this application, the right to represent the belief that Çerkesleri'ni What makes the whole world? What's more important positions which Cherkessia, one of your ancestors had faced exile katledilip support Sochi Olympics said that done? This support the Olympics publicly, against the Circassians in which political, economic and cultural rights, or what kind of concessions they won in the name of? If you are not aware of the damage as a result of your actions halkınıza If you give it to ourselves to tell you know that debt

Circassian intellectuals and experts in the Caucasus, Circassian culture and ideas, without doubt would be destroyed after a few generations. Diaspora Circassians against it, the Circassian Genocide recognition, the recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples and the rights of the homeland to give an unconditional return to work on issues such as carrying out the lobby. The above-mentioned recognition of these rights in all of the applications made directly to the Russian authorities with immediate effect or was rejected or ignored. As you may recall in the mid 1990s by former colleagues still in the application of federal structures yanıtlanmadı. Diaspora aktivistleriyse bulunarak applications in different government and institutions through diplomatic and political channels, trying to enter Russia's Çerkeslerle an honest dialogue.      

Extremely insensitive to the Olympics in Sochi the host city is selected as the decision, all the desperate state of shock ediciliğinin Circassians, as well as all the eyes of the world has created an environment to illustrate. In this context, the Circassian genocide, the systematic ethnic cleansing in the wild in and around Sochi, anavatandaki mass violations of human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples are topics important to focus on. We currently have is the only historical facts. The rights of our people to attain, but can occur on the basis of history. You do not deny that Russia's policy with reference to treatises on fake products and propagranda You have given support. Indeed, the Circassians in this Olympics by participating in the celebrations by dancing and think they can convincingly about their own history? Symbol of May 21 in Sochi the ancestors of the Circassians who believe that you can celebrate by dancing on the graves of the idea? Think it is impossible for even the most obedient people. Come on, let's say that this scenario was prepared. At that time, you as its organizers, activists, not all observers of the facts that lie çarpıtanların actually convinced the Russians will do. Because after all, no one sees it, this table can not think otherwise. Is not it? 

Always felt a deep gratitude to the Diaspora anavatandaki soydaşlarına. Bırakıldıkları Anavatandaki facing our brothers and sisters, the human memory can not even managed to survive despite all the difficulties so far.Diaspora homeland by strengthening relations with the collapse of the Soviet Union finally, reliable and consistent support for the national cause continued. Each group is different from the function in a unity, cooperation is necessary for all of us is obvious. But now the Diaspora, taking more responsibility for their own work to expand the interests of the people .. Because of the limited working space in the existing conditions of the Circassians Anavatandaki yürütülebiliyor. Circassians living within the borders of the Russian Federation, if they express their opinion on critical issues is under security threat. Silence on political issues because of the Circassians in the Caucasus, being understood by the Diaspora and respect are met.  

But the problem; anavatandaki Circassians in the interests of its own people unnecessarily when you move in the opposite occurs. Circassian deputies should know themselves, their application to the Russian Olympic Committee, harm largest international Circassian activists. Therefore, we have to ask themselves: Is this a reference to damage uğraşlarına Diaspora all you have done or representatives of the State Assembly as a member of the Circassian really aim with this application is to approach one step further the objectives of the Circassians? If the answer is the latter, which is sacred to our history to get trampled in return for your people to explain what wins sağladınızı! Diaspora's efforts to sabotage really worth it? Or if your main goal is clearly to ask this? 

Systematically destroying our culture, that you represent the Republic of Adygea, even the current regime wants to terminate the Circassian problem really think it'd be support for the introduction to the world? Celebrations to be held that Russia would not be representing any ethnic group, even in a different way. Moreover, Russia is acting with the support of the official declaration of the Republic of Adygea in the Sochi Olympics, by a new argument to undermine our efforts in the international arena thanks to all had. Russia lies to the whole world once again could not go a step further to provide assistance to kurumsallaştırması. 

Give to the struggle for the rights of the Circassians in significant harm or cause damage to other people You have a deep cultural. Loyalty, courage and dedication are the foundation for the dignity of Circassians, perhaps the most sacred virtue. According to traditions of dignity is not a personal situation. Covers the entire society.Dead or alive, is sacred for us to honor all of our people. Black Sea to the memory of ancestors who died in exile, still can not eat the fish, even when the Circassians, now to be able to dance on the graves of our ancestors been applied to Russia. With this approach, future generations have opened the way for the emergence of a serious contradiction. You şerefimizi selling extremely cheap way, we will talk about how our children Circassian honor and dignity?

Besides the moral and strategic assessment of your action, you have made the application to reveal the invalidity of the technical aspects of debt we know ourselves.

1. Russia's government planned to make the Olympic games in Sochi city administration is not part of the Republic of Adygea. You should have been aware of this as the elected representatives on behalf of the Republic of Adygea. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Adygea to you, along with the ethnic Russian colleagues, but not in neighboring regions and only the events occurring in their own republic within the boundaries of the existing government authority to manage on behalf of the components are connected and salary. 

2. Parliament, no legitimate right to make demands on applicants do not have the last. Cause;

a) only two percent of the total global population of Circassians living in the Republic of Adygea, and only two percent of this portion is represented in parliament.

b) The Republic of Adygeya with MPs representing the non-Circassian Circassian deputies representing 75% of the population not in the name of the Circassians, the Circassians have no right to talk about the issues. The Olympics is not a Republican or a Russian event. Whether it represents an international organization or the representation of the Circassians in the Olympic Games will be an international issue to be decided by the Circassian community. 

3. Is not a random name in the name of Adygea. This name gives the public the name of the Republic after the exile and genocide in this region belongs to bırakılanlarina. Republic constitute the majority of the population and the Circassian Genocide by Russia as a denial of the official successor of the peoples of the population in support of colonists in the name of the Circassians Circassians in the attitude of the Olympics and human rights as well as to identify clearly violate the rights of indigenous peoples is not something else. No doubt, these people have to decide on the topic is serious damage to the cause of the Circassian.

Circassia only hope for survival of a united, unconditional right of return for the homeland and the homeland won the right to self-determination. This is only possible that appears to follow the road already. For them to achieve truth, justice, morality and basic human virtues such as honor, as well as history and international law is on our side. You, the people are entitled to their own people in speaking on behalf of all these things into consideration to understand varsaydığınızda Please note!

Circassian Association of California - Adygeyan Xase, USA
Circassian Institute in Munich, Germany
Circassian Cultural Institute, New Jersey, USA
Nave Association, Israel
Radio Adygeyan, Israel 
The Forum of the Caucasus, Turkey

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